Contributing to the success of organizations that help others

(ĭnˈtər-grōth) noun: The growing of one thing with or into another.

Inter-Growth Healthcare consulting teamWe focus on helping Health and Human Services organizations evolve and grow so they will thrive – no matter what market conditions they face.

Our clients include managed care organizations, health and human services providers and government entities, among others.

We offer three essential services to help you maximize your organization’s success in today’s constantly shifting healthcare landscape:

Business Development

We understand the amount of time and resources that organizations use to win and retain
business. To help achieve your business development goals, we use an integrated approach that recognizes the important connections between contract acquisition and renewal, smooth implementation and effective service delivery.

Transformation Management

We assist our clients’ leadership teams with strategic issues, such as responding to new opportunities, and preparing for and implementing organizational change.

Performance Optimization

We believe that it’s possible for organizations to balance the goals of delivering ever-improving quality services with the realities of constrained budgets and resources. To achieve that balance, we’ve developed specific ways to help improve your organization’s performance.

We Give Back to the Community We Serve

Our team is dedicated to improving the human condition as well as bringing hope and comfort to those who are suffering. We do this by working with and supporting service organizations that help communities in need.

Working With Inter-Growth

Our consultants can help you plan, lead and work on your most complex projects, including short-term improvement projects, large-scale transformation initiatives, and everything in between.

Let’s talk about what matters to you

On the following pages, our team of experts express their views and perspectives on a range of topics, such as capture planning, health care issues, industry trends and more. You can find our most current ideas in the posts on our Ideas and Issues blog page and for previously written articles you can search by category in the Blog Archive menu on the right of this page.