Achieving Results in Health and Human Services

(ĭnˈtər-grōth) noun: The growing of one thing with or into another.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are a national firm that specializes in helping Health and Human Service organizations evolve, grow, and thrive no matter what market conditions they face. Amid constantly shifting regulations and priorities, we are here to help. With a collaborative approach and a comprehensive menu of services, our team of experts can assist in addressing what matters most to your organization. We customize our approach based on what works for you.

We contribute to the success of organizations that help those in need.Inter-Growth Healthcare consulting team

Our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to help you prioritize and achieve your organization’s goals. We are a trusted source for health plans, state and local government, providers, non-profits, community- and faith-based organizations, and others in the public sector. Our decades of experience means we understand the diversity of the individuals, families, and communities who rely on your organization and the wide range of needs that exist and challenges faced.

With more than 60 consultants and public sector experience in 45 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, we offer true subject matter expertise. Together, we will help you develop and put innovative ideas into practice that improve outcomes, reduce costs, and achieve measurable results.