Guiding Principles

Inter-Growth is a team dedicated to improving the human condition, as well as bringing hope and comfort to those who are suffering. We do this by helping service organizations, donating our time, and a portion of our profits to organizations that help the communities we serve. As a team, our work is guided by the principles below:

  • We seek to understand the challenges and barriers facing organizations and the persons working within them.
  • We join organizational staff – the true experts – in considering problems and developing solutions.
  • We do not presume to know everything – we listen and learn so that we may be of optimum service to our clients and our communities.
  • We bring our hearts, minds, and strengths to help organizations achieve their objectives.
  • We treat all persons with respect and value.
  • We believe in responding with inner calm and personal power rather than reacting to people and situations.
  • We believe that our thoughts and what is in our heart is revealed to those around us and has an impact – either positive or negative.
  • We believe that relationships based on love and openness have the power to transform individuals, organizations, and communities.
  • We believe that by adopting and embracing a Team Code of Honor, we become an unstoppable force for positive change. The Inter-Growth Team Code of Honor is below.

Team Code of Honor

Adopted June 6, 2007

  • Always do what is right for the client
  • Be accountable
  • Always present a professional image
  • Respect and understand the confidentiality policy
  • Be on time
  • Deal direct
  • Be willing to “call” and “be called”
  • Recognize and celebrate ALL achievements
  • Choose to have a positive attitude
  • Never abandon a teammate in need
  • Be resourceful
  • Support early, often, and unconditionally
  • Commit to personal development
  • Value importance of human relationships
  • Be dedicated to improving the human condition
  • Have fun!