About Inter-Growth

(ĭnˈtər-grōthˌ) noun: The growing of one thing with or into another.

Inter-Growth consultants support health and human services organizations to identify opportunities for growth, evolve their business development process, and transform their organizations.

Our consultants are equally proficient assisting clients with short-term, high-priority projects and planning and execution of initiatives that transform the organization, employing ethical business practices to further our clients’ best interests.

Our three guiding principles:

A Pledge to Health and Human Services

As an organization, we strive to continually grow our capabilities and share our ideas with the industry we serve.

As our industry evolves, leaders need the best ideas and methods from experienced consultants. Our singular focus on health and human services lets us bring you the latest thinking and innovative ideas to help your organization thrive.

We Listen to You Before We Try to Give You Advice 

We don’t assume that we have all of the answers. We’ll listen, learn, and collaborate with you to find the right answer for the issue you’re facing. If we’re not the right company to help you, we’ll work to find one that is.

Once we begin working together, our team’s priority is to deliver the value you expect with enthusiasm, a collegial spirit, and with your interests at the center of everything we do.

We Give Back to the Communities We Serve

Our team is dedicated to improving the human condition, as well as bringing hope and comfort to those who are suffering. We do this by supporting service organizations, donating our time, and a portion of our profits, to organizations that help the communities we serve.

We offer services in three areas:

Public Sector Business Development (C.A.I.R.)

We collaborate with clients to design strategies for winning and retaining Medicaid and Medicare contracts. We help you create a profitable and winning business development strategy, assist with the pursuit of the contract, help with the implementation of the contract, and position you to win the contract renewal.

Transforming the Organization

The health care industry is undergoing a rapid transformation in the areas of technology, the regulatory environment, and health care delivery.

In response, many organizations are rethinking their strategies and transforming almost every aspect of their organizations to grow in the new world of health care.

We can help you achieve your long-term, transformation goals with our proven strategies for project planning, change management, project delivery, and performance measurement.

Our team  offers insightful guidance as you progress through your transformation project, or we can work side-by-side with your project team to deliver the project results.

Business Performance Optimization

Every health care organization wants to deliver the best possible service, efficiently and effectively. That means leaders must continually assess the adequacy of their business processes, the performance of people, and the effectiveness of their information systems.

Our team can help you with that assessment and more. We  also plan, manage, and execute short-term performance improvement projects, such as designing new workflows for increased productivity, helping reorganize a department, or assessing the performance of your team.

At Inter-Growth, we believe that you’ll find a different type of management consulting firm. Our clients value us for our depth of expertise in health and human services, the speed with which we work, and the quality of the results we provide.

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