Business Development (C.A.I.R.)

Every Organization is Unique and So Is The Path To Achieving Growth. We’ll Help You Get There.

We know that organizations invest incredible amounts of time and resources into obtaining new contracts and renewing existing ones. Our team of experts are keenly aware of the connections between contract acquisitions and renewals, smooth implementations, and efficient service delivery. The most powerful time to begin working on contract renewal is the day the contract is awarded. From our 20 years of experience, we developed CAIR – an integrated business development model to help health care and human service organizations stay ahead of the curve. We’ve used our CAIR model to clients of all sizes win and retain contracts totaling more than ten billion dollars.

Every action across your organization that relates to service delivery is interconnected. To retain existing contracts and to secure new business requires meticulous attention to every phase of the cycle. All the daily actions and decisions you make impact your capacity to win and retain business. While writing a winning bid is a must, how you manage your contracts and build relationships on a day-to-day basis play a huge role as well. In today’s competitive landscape, contracts can be lost even when an organization is performing well. The status quo is not enough.

With its four interlacing components – ComprehendAcquireImplement, and Renew – our CAIR model is a road map to help you maximize opportunities at every juncture to achieve your goals and propel growth. Our team of experts will work collaboratively with you wherever you are in the process to help ensure you identify, win, and retain business. Our approach enables you to deliver and operate a flexible business structure capable of successfully responding to the dynamics that exist in health care and human services.