Telling Your Story

Data Analysis and Reporting Inter-GrowthOrganizations that use data to demonstrate the effectiveness of their systems and processes in achieving desired outcomes, such as reduced costs and improved health outcomes, are more likely to retain customers and attract new business. Inter-Growth can assist your organization in using data to “tell your story” to key decision-makers such as organizational executives and payers.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Successful organizations use data to support decision-making and demonstrate their value to funding sources. Business leaders recognize that the best decisions are evidence-based or data-driven. They know that analyzing data, looking for trends and correlations, and being proactive in adjusting business processes in response to their findings is time well spent. Inter-Growth supports your organization in developing data collection systems, analyzing data and designing management reports that inform on organizational productivity and effectiveness.

Outcomes Reporting

Organizational performance is routinely measured by their ability to achieve critical outcomes including cost savings, improved quality, increased access to care, and high levels of customer satisfaction. Inter-Growth’s team of consultants assist your organization in implementing mechanisms for collecting, tracking, and reporting on quality outcomes using evidence-based practices and standardized measures. This information will be critical for your organization in being able to promote the effectiveness of your programs to new and existing customers.

Organizations that use data effectively to demonstrate desired outcomes to payers are well-positioned to grow their market share.  To learn how Inter-Growth can help your organization in developing new business opportunities, click here.