Performance Improvement

Performance ImprovementOrganizations must continuously strive for rapid performance improvement and sustain that improvement to reach their potential. Inter-Growth helps you meet this challenge. We offer highly skilled professionals who work in a proactive, collaborative and objective way.  We offer a wide array of performance improvement services to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Strategic Market Analysis

Organizations that invest time and resources to understand the external environment—customers, competitors, regulations, technology, etc.—are better positioned to create superior customer value, making them attractive partners for payer sources. Inter-Growth’s strategic market analysis helps your organization learn about the opportunities that exist in the marketplace in order to strengthen your market position.  Our thorough analysis provides your organization with the necessary information to develop new product offerings to expand and diversify their customer base in order to remain a viable option in a competitive market.  We can then support your organization’s change efforts through our Transformation Management program described here.

Rapid Performance Improvement

Organizations seeking to realize targeted improvements within a short time frame, Inter-Growth offers the Rapid Improvement Model for performance improvement.  We use methodologies and tools to challenge existing procedures and practices in business processes in order to achieve significant improvements. The benefits include, cutting costs fast, accelerating improvements, and transferring knowledge.  Your organization can then build on the successes realized through this process to optimize business processes across departments.

Targeted Performance Improvement Initiatives

Inter-Growth’s professionals bring their personal experience of working with major organizations to make change happen.  We can help you deliver measurable and sustainable improvement in the performance of your business by focusing on identified areas in need of improvement.  We use consistent and proven tools and methods to identify organizational impediments to meeting established goals.  Inter-Growth’s consultants then work collaboratively with business process owners to develop and implement initiatives that result in improved performance.

Process Enhancement

Inter-Growth utilizes proven evaluation tools aligned with best practices to support organizations in optimizing business practices to operate efficiently and produce quality outcomes. We provide an integrated approach to process enhancement that promotes efficiency through innovation and the use of technology to assist organizations in meeting their customers’ needs.  First, we assess existing processes and developing workflows to identify opportunities to increase effectiveness. Then, we work across disciplines to redesign systems and achieve efficiencies. Inter-Growth uses this information to develop a detailed action plan to improve processes and maximize efficiency, effectiveness, and quality.

Audit Readiness

Inter-Growth understands what an audit-ready environment looks like and our audit-readiness-plan incorporates the necessary steps to provide support for your organization. We can support your organization’s audit preparation efforts by conducting an audit-readiness- assessment, assisting in preparing for your audit, or providing supplemental staff to get you through the audit.

Staff Training and Support

As with any organizational endeavor, the people are what make the difference in optimizing organizational performance successfully. Creating an environment that focuses on enhancing performance, people may find their positions expanding or shifting to accommodate those changes. Inter-Growth provides staff training on mission-critical skills as well as practical, hands-on support in creating the changes needed for improved organizational performance.

Organizations that have successfully implemented performance improvement efforts are better able to demonstrate their value to funding sources through the use of data.  To learn how Inter-Growth can assist your organization in using its performance improvement data to tell your story to key decision makers, click here.