Quality Inter-GrowthAs payers shift to value-based purchasing, organizations must be able to effectively measure and implement successful quality interventions across all areas. Organizations that implement successful quality programs supporting excellent service delivery and offer products that exceed those of your competitors are well-positioned to gain additional market share while retaining existing customers.  Inter-Growth offers a robust array of services to support your organization in developing and implementing its quality program.

Quality Systems

Our team of experts understands the complexities around compliance with existing and new requirements for health care.  We have expertise in establishing systems to monitor organizational progress, internal and external operational effectiveness, and programmatic delivery methods and impact.  Our consultants can support your organization by:

  • Assisting in the development of your Quality Infrastructure, including assessing staffing needs, identifying technology solutions, and recommending an organizational structure that supports your quality program.
  • Designing monitoring systems based on national standards such as the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®)1 and the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS)2 survey.
  • Creating feedback loops to facilitate communication within the organization and external stakeholders.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement plays an important role in organizational quality by creating mechanisms for:

  • Identifying and tracking progress against organizational goals
  • Providing feedback to drive improvement efforts
  • Comparing organizational performance against both internal and external standards
  • Ensuring customer requirements are met
  • Strategic planning

Inter-Growth’s consultants are knowledgeable in designing strategic performance measures, establishing targets and thresholds, and developing methods for collecting and reporting baseline and benchmarking data.   Through these processes, we can assist your organization in optimizing your strategic processes by determining organizational effectiveness, and measuring operational efficiency.

Accreditation Preparation

Health care organizations that seek to achieve accreditation demonstrate a commitment to customer service, quality of care, effectiveness and efficiency that is attractive to payers.  Inter-Growth can assist your organization in preparing for accreditation by conducting mock audits to evaluate your organization’s readiness to complete the accreditation process.  We then assist you in designing the necessary systems and processes to meet accreditation standards.  Our consultants can also support system-wide efforts to achieve accreditation for multiple providers and provider groups such as Patient-Centered Medical Homes.

Pay 4 Quality Initiatives

There is now considerable interest between private and public health care purchasers in using financial incentives to improve the quality of health care services.  Pay-for-performance initiatives (P4P) are being pursued by state Medicaid programs and are of great interest to Medicare. Whether your organization is seeking to implement a Pay 4 Quality program or is a provider working to achieve quality goals, Inter-Growth’s consultants can support your efforts.   We can assist your organization with:

  • Selecting high-impact performance measures
  • Designing incentive payments – frequency, how much
  • Developing systems for achieving quality goals to maximize incentives

With a comprehensive quality strategy in place, your organization has the infrastructure to develop and sustain targeted performance improvement initiatives. To read about how Inter-Growth can support your organization’s performance improvement efforts, click here.

[1] HEDIS is registered by the National Committee for Quality Assurance
[2] A program of the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality