Communication- Stakeholder Facilitation and Customer Engagement

Stakeholder Facilitation

Communication Stakeholder Facilitation Customer EngagementOur Team at Inter-Growth understands that successful quality initiatives require frequent and consistent communication and collaboration between all stakeholders. In our experience, routine cross-departmental communication about the organization’s goals, progress, accomplishments and lessons learned is a successful strategy for enhancing organizational effectiveness and efficiency.  We are adept at facilitating cross-functional collaboration and developing mechanisms to foster communication between business process owners and key stakeholders.

Customer Engagement

Organizations that engage customers in meaningful ways reduce costs by improving access to preventive care and reducing reliance on emergency rooms while increasing customer satisfaction and health outcomes.  Inter-Growth’s consultants can assist your organization in developing innovative approaches to engaging customers beyond traditional satisfaction surveys.  We begin by thoroughly assessing your organization’s approach to customer service, current engagement strategies, and the overall culture.  We then use this information to develop a detailed strategic plan for implementing a comprehensive approach to involving customers in their health care.

Stakeholder facilitation and customer engagement is a critical component to developing a quality program.  To read more about how Inter-Growth can support your organization’s quality strategy click here.