Change Implementation

Change Implementation Inter-GrowthChange can bring successes in process improvements, cost savings, increased bandwidth, competitive advantages, and increased value for the customer.  Whether you’re considering a small change, or a system-wide change to an organization, Inter-Growth can support your efforts.  Our experienced management consultants work collaboratively with your organization to develop and implement an effective change implementation strategy that meets your organization’s goals.

Change Strategy

A formal approach for managing change starts with the leadership team and then engagement of key stakeholders and leaders.   Early development and frequent adaptation of this effort is crucial, as change moves through the organization. Inter-Growth’s change strategy approach begins with a realistic assessment of the organization’s history, readiness, and capacity to change. We then work in partnership with your organization to develop an effective change strategy to move your organization forward.

Leadership Action Planning

Leaders “build the public will” by providing a clear and concrete definition of what practice model is being advanced, what strengths are in place, what problems need to be solved, what improvements and innovations are desired, what is tangibly being done, and what is being learned along the way. The goal of Inter-Growth’s leadership action planning is to develop your organizational leaders into a cooperative team where everyone knows their role and performs tasks according to a single shared vision.

Communications Planning

A comprehensive communication plan serves as a guide for conveying a consistent message to all pertinent internal and external stakeholders throughout the duration of the transformation project. Inter-Growth’s consultants evaluate your organization’s existing communication strategies and develop a plan for sharing information across all levels and departments within your organization.

Team Effectiveness

Teams are the building blocks for effective organizational transformation. When all members of a team pull in the same direction, their enormous power can be channeled to focus on achieving the right outcomes. Inter-Growth works with individuals, teams, large groups and whole organizations to help them develop their key competitive advantages through the creation and innovative application of knowledge.