Transformation Planning


Transformation Planning Inter-GrowthSuccessful Transformation Management programs begin with solid transformation planning. Inter-growth assists your organization in planning its transformation by working collaboratively with your organization’s leaders and teams to assess the need for change, set corporate objectives, formulate strategies and make tactical plans.

Business Strategy Creation

In order to become a leader in the market, organizations must understand what factors are important for superior performance in their industry, their current market position, the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, competitor strengths and weaknesses, and key market factors. Inter-growth can support your organization in developing a clear business strategy that capitalizes on your strengths and helps your organization evolve to become well-positioned for business development opportunities.

Assessment and Gap Analysis

Inter-growth begins transformation engagement by conducting a structured assessment to identify current Purpose, People and Process challenges, gaps, opportunities and concerns.  Through this process, we actively engage stakeholders in challenging the status quo and develop pragmatic recommendations to drive your business forward.

Transformation Roadmap Development

Upon completion of the assessment and gap analysis, we work with your organization to synthesize and systematically incorporate identified issues, concerns and ideas into an actionable Transformation Roadmap. This Roadmap will concisely articulate the ideal future vision and the prioritized strategies of your organization. It will also serve as a guide for the team during their transformation planning journey, allowing them to recognize and act on events that require a change of direction.

Transformation Planning

A strong business strategy focuses resources and attention on accomplishing what is most important to an organization for ultimate success. Inter-growth’s experienced consultants follow a systematic process for strategy and plan development utilizing facilitated leadership sessions and other mechanisms to ensure appropriate input and involvement of all leaders. We work with your organization to develop a comprehensive transformation plan to communicate the team’s approach to decision makers, customers, and key stakeholders.

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