Contract Renewal Strategy

The day your contract is awarded is the best time to start planning for contract renewal competition. Every interaction you have with your client is either in favor of retaining you as a contractor, or the beginning of a search for a new contractor. Inter-Growth’s team can assist you in every step along the way to successful contract renewal.

A successful implementation is the first step to building a lasting relationship with your client.

Now your organization begins the process of demonstrating professionalism, proficiency, and personal dedication to customer service. A satisfied client will ultimately result in contract renewal.

Our clients are well prepared for contract retention, expansion, and renewal because we provide objective assessments and specialized consultation that allows our clients to develop and maintain long-term efficiencies and superior customer service strategies.

Inter-Growth helps you prepare for business retention and contract renewal by:

  • Conducting organizational and functional assessments.
  • Conducting contract compliance reviews.
  • Conducting focus groups to determine stakeholder and community satisfaction.
  • Developing strategies and plans to address the assessment results.
  • Employing system design and/or redesign strategies based on your organization’s assessment.
  • Assisting with design and implementation of performance improvement efforts.
  • Developing systems to monitor ongoing compliance of deliverables and requirements.
  • Preparing for funder reviews.

It takes much more financial and human capital to win new business than it does to retain your current clients. The Inter-Growth team helps you capitalize on your greatest assets – your current contracts – and positions you for sustainable growth.

Our expert team offers full support for organizations in all stages of the public sector business development process: Contract Comprehension, Contract Acquisition, Contract Implementation and Contract Renewal.

Our team is focused and dedicated to the growth and evolution of your organization. Our success is your success!