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The Contract Implementation phase represents the core of the public sector contract cycle – successful implementation of solutions that work for you and your clients.

Inter-Growth helps you and your team to successfully manage the contract implementation and establish a solid client relationship that result in contract retention and future renewal.

We provide your organization with implementation support by:

  • Managing contract implementation projects and work plans.
  • Developing efficient implementation schedules.
  • Establishing comprehensive summaries of proposal offerings, requirements and deliverables.
  • Developing supporting materials, including policies and manuals.
  • Preparing for readiness reviews, including process coordination, and deliverable composition.
  • Providing program implementation and support for medical management, care coordination, integrated care, and behavioral health programs.
  • Conducting provider/staff training sessions and implementation meetings.
  • Developing systems for, and assisting with, community, stakeholder and provider outreach. This includes web content, printed documents, and education materials.
  • Assisting with network contracting and development activities.
  • Preparing and delivering staff and provider training plans and programs.
  • Supporting model office activities.

Inter-Growth also offers full support and solutions for Contract ComprehensionContract Acquisition and Contract Renewal.