Contract Retention and Acquisition

Navigating the complex contract retention and acquisition process requires a significant dedication of resources, focus, and time from your organization. Inter-Growth’s consulting team is geared to help you succeed and grow!

Inter-Growth provides clients with all of the the tools and experience needed to successfully respond to requests for new business and to help ensure that you retain your existing contracts. We support your contract acquisition efforts by:

  • Developing the capabilities necessary to meet the business, informational, technological and stakeholder architecture needs of the contract.
  • Conducting a thorough review and analysis of the needs of the population to be served via the contract.
  • Designing approaches specific to the population needs to be served which are aligned with the goals of the contract sponsor.
  • Managing RFP response projects.
  • Leading focus groups to integrate staff, providers, management, and other primary stakeholders.
  • Working with your team in a strategic and colloborative approach.
  • Writing, editing, and proofreading RFP responses, including administrative, network, information technology, member services and medical/clinical management services sections.
  • Developing supporting documentation for RFP responses, including policies and procedures, provider manuals, member handbooks, work flows, training materials, and organizational charts.
  • Assisting with development of a qualifying network.
  • Creating finalist and oral presentations based on the RFP responses in preparation for site visits and interviews.
  • Conducting organizational readiness reviews related to current and future operations.

Inter-Growth keeps your organization moving forward. Every step along the way is critical to the future success of your organization. That’s why our knowledgeable and highly experienced team of health care industry consultants offer your organization a broad range of services to assist you through all steps of the contract process, from Contract Comprehension to Contract Acquisition through to Contract Implementation and Contract Renewal.

Our team is ready to help you win, grow, and keep your public sector business. Our success is your success!