Making Informed Decisions About Contract Acquisition

Understanding the specific and implied requirements of a health care or human service contract opportunity is the first step to winning the contract and retaining that contract over the long-term.

We can help you gain a complete understanding of contract requirements so you can make informed decisions about the impact of the contract acquisition on your organization and how (or if) you’ll pursue the business.

For example, we will

  • Conduct a detailed evaluation of the contract, its provisions, scope, and complexity. We’ll focus on essential contract issues such as the financial requirements, risk, and infrastructure needs.
  • Perform competitive analyses and bid comparisons.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your capabilities and gaps in comparison to the business, informational, technological, and stakeholder architecture requirements of the contract.
  • Organize and expedite internal strategy sessions to determine bid/no bid on proposal opportunities.

These steps help you make an informed Go/No Go decision about whether you’ll pursue the contract.