Supporting Transformation Plan Objectives

November 15, 2012 3 Comments by Zohreh Yamin

The Transformation Plan

Supporting Transformation Planning Objectives Inter-GrowthInter-Growth believes that in order to succeed, organizations must constantly adapt and innovate; not just in products and services, but also in management structures and working practices. Globally we refer to this as “Transformation,” It requires a strong business process management approach that includes the ability to be agile, to continually assess and redirect as needed, to benefit from the lessons of the past, embracing new means to stay competitive and commitment to supporting transformation plan objects. Overall, such a method should promote effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology. We advocate a holistic approach to business process management focused on aligning all aspects of the organization with a plan for transformation.

While transformation implies significant or large scale change, it also denotes a multi-step process that occurs over time. One of biggest challenges in using project management techniques to support this process is developing a plan that addresses the depth of change necessary to truly support a transformation initiative. In particular, it is imperative that an organization:

  • Think through organizational cultural shifts necessary to support the transformation plan objectives and incorporate steps to support the shift
  • Have cross-functional and cross-level representation throughout the project management process
  • Build in time to strategize how to best achieve transformation plan objectives and welcome diverse opinions
  • Vet the project plan to a wide audience and convey any and all thoughts on how to best accomplish plan objectives is welcome
  • Use multiple methods to communicate with team members regarding project progress, focusing on methods that encourage staff to stay updated and provide active input
  • Acknowledge team contributions and project milestones along the way (i.e., celebrate successes)

Following this list of suggestions will assure that your approach provides your organization with a roadmap for a measured, goal-oriented response to marketplace events or to address the need to improve performance in key areas.


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