Category: Transformation Management

Assessing Organizational History, Readiness, and Capacity for Change Implementation

November 19, 2012 No Comments by Zohreh Yamin
Assessing Capacity for Change Implementation Change implementation involves a systematic and planning-driven approach  designed to engage all involved parties and secure their buy-in for the change process. Several major elements for gaining widespread support for a transformation management plan include: Articulate a Vision for Change:  This vision addresses why the change is important to the organization’s sustainability and to each team member.

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Supporting Transformation Plan Objectives

November 15, 2012 3 Comments by Zohreh Yamin
The Transformation Plan Inter-Growth believes that in order to succeed, organizations must constantly adapt and innovate; not just in products and services, but also in management structures and working practices. Globally we refer to this as “Transformation,” It requires a strong business process management approach that includes the ability to be agile, to continually assess and redirect as needed, to benefit from the lessons of the past, embracing new means to stay competitive and commitment to supporting transformation plan objects.

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Managing Implementation Projects and Work Plans

November 13, 2012 No Comments by Zohreh Yamin
Successfully Managing Implementation Projects Our recent blogs discuss various strategies for assessing and winning contracts. Once a contract has been won, the implementation phase sets the foundation for future success. Successfully managing operations, finding solutions that work both for your organization and for the client and maintaining a solid relationship with the client throughout the contract all depend on strong implementation projects and work plans.

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