Category: Business Development

Conducting Organizational and Functional Assessments

November 9, 2012 No Comments by Zohreh Yamin
At Inter-Growth, we recognize that every commercial and public sector contract has a projected end date and that successful contract renewal is critical for organizational success. Sometimes additional option years may be available, but frequently they are not.  In either case, when the contract ends, a rebid occurs.  Keeping this in mind, we believe that the day your contract is awarded is the best time to start planning for contract renewal competition.

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Developing New Business:
Reviewing the Needs of the Population to be Served

October 25, 2012 No Comments by Sue Dess
A key component to developing new business is the understanding that quite different needs can arise from population to population due to a variety of socio-economic, political, geographic or cultural factors. A program that has been very successfully implemented in one context will not necessarily deliver the same results if employed in the exact same manner elsewhere.

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Analyzing System Architecture Requirements

October 22, 2012 No Comments by Sue Dess
Each Public Sector health care Request for Proposal (RFP) has its own set of System Architecture Requirements.  Typically, at a minimum these include: Systems Functions and Capacity, Software Applications, Data and Document Management, System and Data Integration, Electronic Transactions, Enrollment and Eligibility Data Exchange, Data and Document Management, and Claims and Encounters.

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