Category: Business Development

Bidding as the Incumbent: Advantage or Disadvantage?

March 8, 2013 No Comments by Sue Dess
Analyzing the Position of the Incumbent Contractor In a previous post, I discussed the importance of making bid versus no-bid decisions when trying to win new business. Healthcare agencies can spend significant resources developing proposals for business they are not likely to win or that they really do not even want to win.

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Contract Compliance Reviews

November 30, 2012 No Comments by Sue Dess
In many Public Sector contracts, the Contracting Officer requires an annual review of the administration, operation and outcomes of the contract. This process is usually referred to as a “contract compliance review”. It incorporates an analysis that demonstrates whether both parties are meeting the obligations stipulated by the contract. This includes an assessment of whether the contract is working as it was originally intended, and can help evaluate how strong the business relationship between the contracting agency and the contractor is.

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Assessing Organizational History, Readiness, and Capacity for Change Implementation

November 19, 2012 No Comments by Zohreh Yamin
Assessing Capacity for Change Implementation Change implementation involves a systematic and planning-driven approach  designed to engage all involved parties and secure their buy-in for the change process. Several major elements for gaining widespread support for a transformation management plan include: Articulate a Vision for Change:  This vision addresses why the change is important to the organization’s sustainability and to each team member.

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