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Heart Connection: Demonstrating Caring in Service Delivery

September 23, 2013 No Comments by Zohreh Yamin
The Heart Connection: How Do We Demonstrate Caring in Service Delivery? by Zohreh Yamin Ask people why they chose to work in the health and human service field and most will tell you they wanted to help people or to make a difference.  We assume that if we’re in the business of caring, then our interactions with customers will reflect this.

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Rallying a Healthy, Productive Team

August 6, 2013 No Comments by Zohreh Yamin
Stellar performance—that’s something all of us in leadership positions strive to achieve. But you won’t get there if you’re not working with a healthy, productive team. So what is that? That’s the kind of team that accomplishes the given task at a high level of performance. I described it in an earlier post, There’s No Leadership Without a Team.

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There’s No Leadership Without A Team

August 1, 2013 No Comments by Zohreh Yamin
There’s No Leadership Without a Team How many times have you heard someone say that leadership is the key to top performance? There’s truth in that, of course. But, obviously, a great leader will get nowhere without a great team. When we talk about performance, there are certain very clear, indispensable factors—essential components that must be in place.

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