Business Development (C.A.I.R.)

business development strategy

Our Collabrative Approach to Business Development Strategy

Inter-Growth collaborates with you to design strategies for winning and retaining Medicaid and Medicare contracts. We help you create a successful business development strategy, assist with the pursuit of the contract, support the implementation of that contract, and position you to win the contract renewal.

To help you gain the public sector contracts, we use an integrated approach that we call C.A.I.R.

C.A.I.R. is centered on helping you excel at the four key components of the public sector business development cycle—Comprehend, Acquire, Implement, Renew.  We support the development and/or enhancement of the business, informational, technological, and/or stakeholder architecture requirements of each component of the cycle. Our approach enables you to deliver and operate a flexible business structure capable of successfully responding to the dynamic and varied pressures of public sector business.

We specialize in securing government business, including the following:


  • Fee-for-service, MCO and MBHO
  • Waivers such as home and community based programs
  • Specialty programs such as vision and dental
  • Primary Care Case Management and Health Home programs


  • MCO/Advantage
  • Fee-for-service
  • Special Needs plans
  • Accountable care organizations


Understanding the specific and implied structural, functional and financial requirements of a public sector contract opportunity is the first step to winning the contract and retaining that contract over the long-term. We assist  with the detailed analyses of the contract and your goals to create a complete understanding of the contract and its impact on your organization.

Once requirements are understood, we support our clients’ evaluation of the administrative and operational areas that are needed to operate public sector business.

Our goal is to guide you  in developing a complete understanding of the contract requirements, strategic development and financial commitment that is needed so you can make informed decisions about how you’ll pursue the business.


Inter-Growth helps you develop your strategic position and response to the RFP. The methodologies we develop and implement to achieve this include:

  • Conducting an analysis of the viability of winning the contract.
  • Fostering an understanding of the competitive landscape as compared to your market position.
  • Creating your strategic approach to winning the contract.
  • Identifying the resources and develop the domains and functional capabilities necessary to successfully bid.
  • Assessing and plan for the business process, systems, and operational changes required to effectively implement the contract.
  • Assisting with the advancement of relationships with key stakeholders such as government agencies and community leaders.
  • Drafting realistic timelines and project plans for pursuing the contract.
  • Preparing a successful response to the government Request for Information (RFI), Request for Application (RFA), or a Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • Developing the approach and help your team prepare for finalist presentations.


A smooth, on-time and on-budget implementation helps ensure that you’re meeting the contract requirements, serving the community appropriately, and it’s the initial step in retaining the contract for the long-term.

During the Implement phase, we help:

  • Develop a comprehensive implementation plan, including timelines, resource needs, milestones, and reporting requirements.
  • Establish a model office to build out necessary domains and competencies as needed, and prepare policies and procedures for ongoing operations.
  • Develop customer deliverables and train your staff in new or improved operational processes.

Often, there’s overlap between the Acquire and Implement phases. In those cases, we can readily support both sets of activities.


Work toward contract renewal begins the day the contract is awarded and continues through implementation and operations. The key to contract renewal is tracking and reporting successful outcomes in every phase of the contract. We work with you to measure your success and assess opportunities for improvement through each operational phase.

Achieving a contract renewal begins with a successful implementation of the original contract. We’ll work with you to ensure that your organization will be well positioned for contract renewal and expansion.

We guide you through the contract renewal process by conducting organizational and functional assessments, focus groups, and contract compliance reviews. We also develop systems to monitor ongoing compliance and strategies to address assessment results. Our C.A.I.R. approach places contract renewal and expansion at the forefront of all aspects of our services.

Why C.A.I.R.?

Inter-Growth advocates the C.A.I.R. concept as part of t your business development strategy because the most powerful time to begin working on contract renewal is the day the contract is awarded. Every action related to contract management and service delivery is interconnected, and retaining existing contracts and winning new business requires attention to each phase of the contract cycle.

Organizations invest incredible amounts of time and resources into obtaining new contracts and renewing existing contracts. The C.A.I.R. approach recognizes the connections between acquiring new contracts and renewals, smooth implementations, and efficient service delivery.

Proficient contract management is the best possible approach to position your organization for contract renewal.

We are able to support your business development strategy and activities in any or all of the C.A.I.R. phases with strategies to develop and/or enhance your business, informational, technological and/or stakeholder architecture.