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Analyzing System Architecture Requirements Transformation Management Inter-GrowthInter-Growth archives for past and current articles by Inter-Growth healthcare management consulting, on Business Development, Transformation Management, Performance Optimization, Capture Planning, health care issues, industry trends & more. The articles are sorted into related categories to assist you in finding the issues most relevant to your needs. Click on the links below to access the articles.

Business Development

Assessing Health Outcomes

Health Information Exchange

Part 1: Shared Decision-Making Part 1: What Is Health Information Exchange?
Part 2: Health Surveys Part 2: Initiation and Organization
Part 3: Survey Objectives Part 3: Business Architecture
Part 4: Writing Health Survey Questions Part 4: Privacy and Security
Part 5: Writing Surveys to Measure Evaluation Domains Part 5: Standards and Operability

Health Care Mergers

Other Business Development Posts

Part 1: Not-for-Profits- Why Consider a Merger? Analyzing Business Architecture Requirements
Part 2: Assessing the Viability of a Merger Medicaid Managed Care Programs
Part 3: Understanding Common Merger Mistakes Bid versus No-Bid Decisions: Internal Strategy
Contract Evaluation: Provisions, Scope, and Complexity
Reviewing Needs of Population to be Served
Organizational and Functional Assessments
Developing Efficient Implementation Schedules
Contract Compliance Reviews
Bidding as the Incumbent: Advantage or Disadvantage?

Performance Optimization

Business Intelligence

Medicaid-Medicare Dashboards

Part 1: What is Business Intelligence Part 1: What is a Dashboard?
Part 2: Keys To Success Part 2: Dashboards in Healthcare
Part 3:Common Challenges to Success Part 3: Dashboard Design
Part 4: Opportunities for Individuals Part 4: Effective Implementation Strategies
Part 5: A Healthcare Success Story Part 5: Dashboard Implementation

Stakeholder Relationships

Other Performance Optimization Posts

Part 1: Why Is Meaningful Collaboration Important? Interdisciplinary Team Building
Part 2: Strategies For Collaboration Fostering Cross-Departmental Communication
Part 3: Keys To Success Leaders & Cross-Departmental Communication
Part 4: Barriers To Success Factors Contributing to Superior Performance
Part 5: Program Evaluation There’s No Leadership Without A Team
Rallying A Healthy, Productive Team
Demonstrating Caring in Service Delivery

Transformation Management

Capture Planning


Capture Planning: What is It & What Will It Do For Me? Supporting Transformation Plan Objectives
Capture Planning: How To Create A Capture Plan Assessing Readiness and Capacity For Change
Capture Planning: Gathering Competitive Intelligence Developing An Effective Change Strategy
Capture Planning: Developing A Gap Analysis Managing Implementation Risks
Capture Planning: Managing the Process Developing Implementation Schedules

In The News

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